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Browse Components & Libraries - Software Development : 51-100 programs listed after popularity

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  • AS FAN WIN32 DLL  51)   AS FAN WIN32 DLL 2.1
    Win32 DLL,Transparent windows,desktop control, serial communication,resolution change,HDD model,serial number,revision,Safe mode and debuger detection,power control... Over 100 functions only 40Kb file, for C/C++,VB,XBASE+,Delphi

  • SFTPBlackbox (.NET)  52)   SFTPBlackbox (.NET) 8.2
    SFTPBlackbox.NET is a comprehensive collection of managed components that add client-side and server-side support for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to your .NET Framework applications. SFTPBlackbox.NET includes complete SSH protocol support.

  • SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for C/C++  53)   SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for C/C++ 7.3
    SMTP/POP3/IMAP C/C++ email (32 & 64 bit) component library uses a simple API to send and receive mail, including HTML and MIME Base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments. Supports SMTP & POP3 authentication, SSL/TLS, ISO-8859 and UTF-8 messages.

  • PDF DLL BasePack  54)   PDF DLL BasePack 1.0
    The library package with the modules (dll): PDFinternals, PDFdocuments, PDFlayout und PDFsecurity. You can use this dlls for dialog- and batch-applications! Here bundled for a lower price! You can order the single modules (US$ 35.00), too.

  • SocketTools Secure .NET Edition  55)   SocketTools Secure .NET Edition 6.0
    The SocketTools Secure .NET Edition consists of nineteen managed code components for Internet and intranet application development. All major Internet protocols are implemented, and both Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 are supported.

  • Nexgen Server SDK  56)   Nexgen Server SDK 3.0.1
    Designed for the C and C++ developer, the Nexgen Server SDK provides a powerful set of tools for quickly developing customized internet server-based applications.

  • JGraph  57)   JGraph
    JGraph is the leading Open Source Java Graph Visualization Library. It follows Swing design patterns to provide an API familiar to Swing programmers and functionality that provides a range of features to implement workflows, networks, flowcharts...

  • E-XD++MFC Library Enterprise V9.60  58)   E-XD++MFC Library Enterprise V9.60 9.80
    E-XD++ Library for MFC by UCanCode.Net Software, an C++ class framework that provides your applications with a drawing surface for diagramming, symbol manipulation, drag and drop, scrolling, zooming, and many other graphics capabilities.

  • SMImport suite for Delphi/CBuilder  59)   SMImport suite for Delphi/CBuilder 2.27
    SMImport suite allow to load the data from: -Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro spreadsheets -MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access (DAO/MS Jet) -Text (fixed or CSV) -HTML, XML -Paradox/DBase files - ADO connections

  • Announcer  60)   Announcer 1.0
    Network-enable your projects, with a few simple clicks: The Announcer component for .NET allows your projects to talk to each other on a local network, with no hassles.

  • SignalLab VC++  61)   SignalLab VC++ 5.0.3
    The SignalLab is a set of Visual C++ components for fast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and data visualization. Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code. Free for non-commercial use.

  • FingerCell Standard EDK (Linux Demo)  62)   FingerCell Standard EDK (Linux Demo) 1.2
    A kit for embedded/PC biometrical system development with third-party hardware. Includes 2 licenses for FingerCell library (for PC and embedded device), drivers for image input from fingerprint sensors, sample apps with source code and documentation.

  • RoboRealm  63)   RoboRealm 1.0
    RoboRealm is a powerful free computer vision based application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing systems. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis becomes easy!

  • docs2text  64)   docs2text 2.0
    standalone documents conversion component, supported formats are MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF, RTF. Fastest processing speed, low resource requirements, advanced text preprocessing features, feature rich developer's set of components

  • Add-in Express  65)   Add-in Express 1.9
    Add-in Express is a tool for developing Office COM Add-ins in Delphi. Develop a single component that will run in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage and Project. Create toolbars and place your controls on them. Try it and make sure!

  • beWISE - Edelwise Basic Variables  66)   beWISE - Edelwise Basic Variables 1.0
    Makes task to task communication between VB programs simple via variables that are located in shared memory. A VB program can use any number of beWise Variables simultaneously, limited only by the version of the Edelwise product you have.

  • Dragonfly Chart .Net  67)   Dragonfly Chart .Net 2.000
    .Net Window Form Chart Components can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications, financial and insurance applications, scientific research and analytical applications, development-simulation applications

  • PixTwix  68)   PixTwix 6.03
    PixTwix is an image processing ActiveX control featuring over 150 methods for manipulation and enhancement of images, special effects and filters, layer blending, selection routines and more. PixTwix can read and write many popular image formats.

  • LSFindReplaceDialogW  69)   LSFindReplaceDialogW 1.0.0
    LSFindReplaceDialogW contains two components for Delphi 6 and 7: TLSFindDialogW displays a Find dialog, TLSReplaceDialogW a search-and-replace dialog. Both use wide strings (Unicode) and do work only with Windows NT/2000/XP and higher.

  • Web Update Wizard  71)   Web Update Wizard
    The Software Update Wizard lets you add 'update over the web' functionality to your applications with just a single line of code. You simply upload your revised software files, together with a simple script, to your web server. It works with Vista!

  • hbTapi Components  72)   hbTapi Components 1.7.2
    hbTapi Components is a collection of easy to use Delphi VCL components allowing object-based access to Microsoft's Telephony API (TAPI). It supports multiple phones, lines, addresses and calls.

  • SocketWrench Secure Edition  73)   SocketWrench Secure Edition 5.0
    The SocketWrench Secure Edition consists of a library and ActiveX control which uses the Windows Sockets API to provide basic TCP/IP networking functionality to your application. Support for standard and secure (SSL) client and server connections.

  • Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro  75)   Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro 1.2.4
    provides reliable access to all Informix Servers 7 (including SE) and higher. Supports all data types of Informix, ensures excellent performance and provides a large set of advanced features. The driver is a very good BDE and ADO alternative

  • GEODLL32 (English)  76)   GEODLL32 (English) 10.34
    In the DLL GeoDLL geodesic functions like 2D and 3D coordinate transformation, datum changes, meridian strip changes, NTv2, distance calculation, map functions, Digital Elevation Models ec. are contained to bind them into own WINDOWS applications.

  • Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Delphi  77)   Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Delphi 5.4
    Delphi serial port RS232/R485/RS422 communications component library. Control multiple ports simultaneously; line status/control,modem control,ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM, virtual ports (USB to serial, Bluetooth serial), hardware/software flow control.

  • DotNetSkin  78)   DotNetSkin 1.0
    DotNetSkin helps you create professional skin user interfaces with ease. Just put one component, DotNetSkin will skin all forms and controls in your .NET Windows Forms applications. you don't need make modification on your source code.

  • Luxena Informix Data Access Components  79)   Luxena Informix Data Access Components 2.6.3
    allows you create Informix access applications in common BDE fashion. IDAC ensures reliability as well as usability. It is excellent for BDE migration and for rapid client-server and/or n-tier development. Is a very good alternative to BDE and ADO

  • dw2xls  80)   dw2xls 2.0
    Library for converting Datawindow and Datastore to Excel

  • MailBee WebMail Lite  81)   MailBee WebMail Lite 3.1
    MailBee WebMail Lite is a FREE set of ASP scripts that organize email web-interface. Users can receive, view, manage, compose and send email through web-interface (using POP3 and SMTP protocols). Multiple attachments, ESMTP, skins, source code, more.

  • conaito VoiceMail SDK  82)   conaito VoiceMail SDK 2.4.1
    The conaito VoiceMail SDK is a powerful solution for recording and sending voice messages from your websites to any existing Email client software. The recipient receives the usual Email message with a link to Mp3 audio file.

  • TSampleDisplay3D  83)   TSampleDisplay3D 1.1
    Delphi component for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP) software. It's purpose is to provide the most powerful and efficient, 3D sample functions like displaying the sample in 3D with configureable colors, making a selection, zooming, quick-play from click

  • Force-Field  84)   Force-Field 4.2.0
    The component enables you to manage access to objects of your application. It performs authentification and authorization of users: checks access permissions for every object and take a decision whether a user may or may not access this object.

  • ASP.NET Barcode Professional  85)   ASP.NET Barcode Professional 7.0
    Linear, Postal , MICR and 2D barcode images for ASP.NET. Visual Studio support. Cross-Browser Compatible. Crystal Reports .NET Support. ReportViewer RDLC Local Reports support. Medium-Trust support. Transparent background support for GIF and PNG.

  • GPS.NET Global Positioning SDK  86)   GPS.NET Global Positioning SDK
    Develop precise, efficient, and reliable GPS software in record time with this multithreaded component for desktop and mobile devices, including PocketPC, Tablet PC and now Smartphone!

  • PrintDialogEx  87)   PrintDialogEx 1.0.2
    PrintDialogEx contains an extended Print Dialog component for Delphi. TPrintDialogEx displays a PrintDialog with an additional ComboBox to select: - All Pages - Odd Pages - Even Pages. PrintDialogEx includes all source code!

  • SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL)  88)   SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 5.0
    SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX edition) is a comprehensive collection of native components that add client-side support for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to your Visual Basic or C++ applications. SFTPBlackbox includes complete SSH protocol support.

  • Barcode Reader SDK  89)   Barcode Reader SDK 4.2.23
    DTK Barcode Reader SDK is a powerful developer library for barcode recognition functionality integration into your Windows applications. Reads the barcodes from different image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP), including PDF (Portable Document Format).

  • .NET Dashboard Suite  90)   .NET Dashboard Suite 7.0.1
    SharpShooter Dashboards is a pack of .NET components for complicated and intelligent digital dashboard creation. The package includes the component for hardware emulator creation and the component for interactive graphs and charts creation.

  • SMProLib  92)   SMProLib 2.0
    SMProLib is a Java library that provides a Java interface for working with SMS and EMS. SMProLib enables the sending and receiving of messages using a mobile phone connected to the computer via a data cable. SMProLib supports several connected phones

  • TDPlay  93)   TDPlay 2.0
    TDPlay is a set of functions that enables you to create network application-such p2p game, client/server game-under DirectPlay technology easier than coding by yourself. TDPlay hides a lot of messy steps and preparing ready-to-use functions.

  • MessageBoxGo  95)   MessageBoxGo 1.0
    MessageBox control for .NET. This freeware control allows for convenient fitting your applications with message boxes.

  • DynaPDF  96)   DynaPDF 2.0
    Royalty Free PDF DLL compent library to create, form fill, manipulate, and more with PDF files. True metafile (EMF) to PDF conversion. Supports multiple image types, unicode, 3 color spaces, text formating, fonts, PDF 1.5, form fields, and more.

  • Siberix PDF Library  98)   Siberix PDF Library 5.0
    Siberix PDF Library is a pure C# component for .NET designed to create industry standard PDF files. It provides a variety of methods to format text, create complex layouts, draw geometric figures and paths, insert images and other objects.

  • PtBarcodeDec  99)   PtBarcodeDec 2.0
    Software Development Kit(SDK) to decode PDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix(DataMatrix), EAN 8, EAN13, UPC A, UPC E, Code/EAN/UCC 128, 2 of 5 code,Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar barcode from image. The SDK works for Windows/linux/unix.

  • Virtual Serial Ports Driver  100)   Virtual Serial Ports Driver 6.9
    Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver creates any number of virtual serial ports in your system and connects them into pairs via virtual null modem cable. You can create as many virtual serial ports in your system as possible to fit your needs.

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